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Episode 7

Published on:

10th Feb 2020

Episode #7 - Conversations for Change with Kat Trimarco

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In this episode Dolphin speaks with author, coach and professional speaker Kat Trimarco. She shares about her childhood and her early 20's where she struggled with self esteem and substance abuse and was able to guide herself through the process of healing and transformation. She now supports others in finding their way in world that can often be confusing and hard to navigate.

Dolphin and Kat explore why we get so stuck and what she discovered during her own journey and how she supports people in becoming confident empowered leaders of their own lives.

Enjoy the conversation with Kat, author of the book Self Approved which is available on amazon if you want to check it out.

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Episode 6

Published on:

29th Jan 2020

Episode #6 - Conversations for Change with Jana Roemer

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Welcome to the Conversations for Change Podcast! Today you’re in for a treat as I sit down to talk with Jana Roemer. With roots in Canada, after 20 years of traveling and studying with respected teachers and nearly a decade in the role of teacher, Jana Roemer’s home is in Venice, CA where she leads classes at Love Yoga Space. She also offers yoga nidra teacher trainings, often in her living room and runs 300-hour YTT's with Sasha Bahador, a Soulful guide who, like her, feels called to do it a little differently.

Jana is a unique combination of pragmatism, mysticism, joy and courage, ever willing to say things exactly as they are in a world that can be guilty of sweeping inconvenient aspects of being human under the mat. In the podcast we get into the philosophy and practicalities of yoga in present day culture, ego, family, relationships, having kids and what she does to keep balance in what can feel like too much. Have a seat and enjoy the conversation!

In the podcast today Jana and I discuss the human system, yoga philosophy, bringing yoga into life, having children, relationships and what her path of yoga and life has taught her. 

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Episode 5

Published on:

11th Dec 2019

Episode #5 - Conversations for Change with Carol Fox Prescott

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In Episode #5 of Conversations for Change, Dolphin interviews Carol Foxx Prescott, a celebrated actor, singer, director, master teacher, performance coach, author and stage director. They discuss her first inspiration to act as a child, what inspired her to pursue this dream, some of the highlights and struggles throughout her career and what she has discovered as a teacher of acting through a number of decades!

If you are an aspiring or active singer, performer or actor and want to be inspired by someone who has lived and breathed the world of acting and performance art, This is the podcast for you!

Carol brings 40 years of experience in professional theater to individuals of all walks of life, enabling breakthroughs in authenticity, personal growth, and creativity. Her clients include professional actors, business leaders, clergy, doctors, artists and educators,-anyone for whom presentation, creative growth and self-discovery are essential for success.

She is renowned for her breath work techniques and helps people master “being at ease” in everyday life, while unleashing confidence and imagination. Carol helps individuals rechannel performance anxiety, in any setting, into free flowing insight and self-expression.

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Episode 4

Published on:

19th Nov 2019

Episode #4 - Conversations for Change with Philippe Lewis

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In Episode #4 Dolphin Speaks with Philippe Lewis, a long time relationship and intimacy facilitator and coach. The conversation spans a wide range of topics including how we can make better decisions in our navigating of relationships and how we can begin to bridge gaps in our perspectives in a progressively divisive and polarized world.

Philippe's Bio

Philippe is a relationship educator. He works with men and women to support them in making better choices for themselves and each so they can become fully sovereign human beings through the practice of connection, trust, intimacy, love, and consent. He is also the happy father of a 7 year old boy who teaches him how to surrender to love a little bit more each day.

Throughout all this work, Philippe is guided by a vision of a world in which everyone experiences sovereignty in their own hearts, bodies, and sexuality.

Philippe says:

“Sovereignty is about people making better choices for themselves and each other in connection. When you embody your full YES, you can advocate it and express it wherever you go and whatever you do.”

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Episode 3

Published on:

7th Oct 2019

Episode #3 - Conversations for Change with Michael Sheely

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Michael Sheely has been coaching and delivering workshops and trainings on communication for over 20 years. He brings a warmth and clarity to his work and has a deep passion and desire to share the simple and powerful methods he has discovered and cultivated with anyone who wants to create balance, joy and love in their marriage.

Join Dolphin and Michael, marriage coach and facilitator of authentic and effective human communication as they discuss where we get lost and stuck in our most cherished relationships and how we can get back on track!

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