Episode 9

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6th Apr 2020

Episode #9 - Conversations for Change with Barbara Phillips

Today on the podcast, Dolphin sits down with former lawyer and airplane pilot turned skilled mediator, Barbara Phillips to discuss her life and career and what she has discovered are the keys to powerful and effective mediation. In the conversation Dolphin and Barbara get into what's broken about litigation and what mediators and coaches can do to more effectively support and facilitate transformation and reconciliation in the world of mediation and powerful communication.

Barbara Ashley Phillips shares her energy and passion from a deep well of education and experience. With her Yale Law School degree, she became a fighter for employment equity.

After 4 years of hard-fought litigation in the U.S. federal courts this lawyer brought in a ground-breaking settlement worth $48 million in today’s dollars for women experiencing promotion discrimination. See Wells v. Bank of America).

Leaving the law, she trained as a mediator becoming one of the pioneer mediators and trainers in the U.S. in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Her books, Finding Common Ground (that earned her over $100,000) and A Field Guide to Mediation are highly respected in the field.

Moving to Canada In 2000, she trained as a personal coach and integrating that with her mediation training became an advanced communication skills facilitator and negotiations coach. Most recently she saw how few of us take care of our own critical affairs and began offering workshops in All About Wills and PD/EPA Creation to provide a quick, easy and cost-effective way to protect yourself, your family and friends when you can’t.

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Conversations for Change
Inspiring powerful transformation, one conversation at a time!
Looking for that powerful, mysterious ingredient that turns everyday conversations into a catalyst for meaningful change? This podcast is dedicated to supporting people in clarifying and mastering where interpersonal transformation happens and how we can bring this superpower into our lives!

Our conversations with one another are ground zero for the direct influence we have on the kind of world we live in. From our romantic and social relationships all the way into our work and business connections, our everyday interactions are the arena in which we have an unparalleled capacity to "reach" each other and inspire real and meaningful transformation. But how does this actually work?

With the Conversations for Change Podcast, you are invited to join Dolphin Kasper, coach and transformative communication educator, as he engages in dialogues with the most interesting and insightful people he can find in order to rediscover how we can more fully and powerfully support positive change in our world, all through the simple process of our interpersonal communication. From psychology and philosophy, to physics to epistemology to any other domain that holds value for the human condition, expect to be taken on an adventure of discovery and story that inspires and reaffirms the potential of the human condition and the real possibility of our shared future.

This podcast was created for anyone wanting to rediscover the unimaginable potential of human connection and the incredible impact the conversations we share with one another can have on ourselves and on our world.
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​Dolphin Kasper, a consummate coach, speaker and facilitator of human potential and transformative communication, grew up in Vancouver BC and is now based in Edmonton, Canada. Since 1999, through private coaching, consulting and facilitation of thousands of workshops, retreats and online programs, Dolphin has developed powerful tools in supporting people in becoming the empowered authorities of both their inner and outer lives. He has a passion for creating the space in which people can recognize and dissolve their conditioned patterns and coping mechanisms, opening the doorway to their full potential. He believes in each person’s capacity to heal, grow and live a life beyond ideas and imagined limitations.